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Annual Intramural Events

Here's what you can look forward to each year in Summit's intramural line-up. And sometimes, we'll throw in something else just for fun! Dates vary each year, so continue to visit this website for up-to-date details:

Why have sports at church?

Intramural sports are an important part of Summit for two key reasons. Primarily, the events are a fun and low-pressure outlet to participate in sports and invite friends so they can get to know other singles from Summit. The events also provide members of the singles' classes opportunities to hang out with each other in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

Sign Up!

Signing up for Summit Intramural is easy. Just do one of the following so you can be a part of the action... and the fun!

  • Look for a sign-up sheet in a Summit Life Bible Study
  • Contact the Summit office at 713.957.7671
  • Contact your Life Bible Study Intramurals Coordinator for more information

*There is a registration fee for each of our intramural events. However, we do not want anybody to be left out due to financial constraints. Contact for information about available assistance.

Summit Intramurals

We've got something going on throughout the year. Learn more about current or upcoming intramural events and join now.

Connect with Summit Intramurals

Need to get in touch with someone with a question or comment? Call us at 713.957.7671, or simply email us below.