Generosity Drives Mission

Aug 07, 2016

Lessons in stewardship shaped Lee and Susan Eidson’s attitudes toward ownership and giving in the early days of marriage while attending High Altitude, a Married Young Adult Life Bible Study at The Loop Campus on Sunday nights.

“Do you really own the things you have, and why are you pursuing some of the things you are? Those were a couple of the questions posed to us about our finances and possessions,” said Lee. “The lesson was that God provides money and possessions as tools for ministry and communicating the Gospel.”

Having laid that foundation, over the years Lee and Susan went from being casual givers to tithers to becoming involved in giving for larger projects and ministries sponsored by the church.

The history of intentional, transparent and direct use of members’ gifts for ministry has given the Eidsons confidence in contributing to Houston’s First. “We have seen the wise management of finances by the church in paying off debt, and giving to the poor, widows, orphans and prisoners,” said Lee. “We also see the funds that are given directly to churches and ministries all over the United States and throughout the world to build them up so they can minister to their own communities.”

Generosity also factored into the purchase of their Pearland home based on the Eidsons’ early acknowledgment of God’s ownership of all their possessions. Since then, they have opened up their home for weekly small groups, celebrations and Backyard Kids’ Club, a yearly, weeklong neighborhood gathering for children. “Our home is God’s to use for His glory,” said Lee.

One of the most compelling confirmations of their walk of generosity and God’s provision for their family was the Eidsons’ decision to give a lump sum over and above their regular giving. “Just weeks later I was given recognition at work and awarded a bonus in the same amount we gave,” said Lee. “We clearly saw God’s hand taking care of us.”


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