Our New Cypress Home

Jun 12, 2017

The Cypress Campus of Houston's First faithfully gathered at Smith Middle School from the day it launched on Easter Sunday in 2013 until their last Sunday in the school on May 28, 2017 — over four years of setting up and tearing down each week.

Now, our church family in Cypress is gathering for Life Bible Studies, worship services, and weekday events in a new home at 11011 Mason Road! The facility officially opened on Sun, June 11, next door to Bridgeland High School — Cy-Fair ISD's newest high school that opened in the fall of 2017.

We invite you to come and visit the beautiful building made possible by the generosity of the Houston's First family. More importantly, we encourage you to invite OTHER people to come and discover for themselves that they are always welcome at the Cypress Campus!

Sunday Schedule

  • 8a — Life Bible Study (Adults only)
  • 9:30a — Worship Service and Life Bible Studies
  • 11a — Worship Service and Life Bible Studies


The address of the new building is 11011 Mason Road in Bridgeland next to the new Bridgeland High School. The building and surrounding roads are so new that most online GPS and navigation services do not show them yet! So, when you plan to visit the campus, follow this map!

Cy  Map  Updated


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