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Dear Bride and Groom,

We want to be among the first to say “congratulations” and we hope you will seriously consider our church as the venue for your wedding. In addition, we would love for you to establish and grow your family here for years to come.

As you address the myriad of details related to becoming a married couple, we encourage you not to ignore the spiritual dimension. As God’s first ordained institution, scriptural marriage should be viewed as sacred and approached with reverence. Your ability to successfully contend with marital adjustments is directly proportionate to the quality of your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have not already done so, we ask that you address the spiritual dimension of your life and future marriage by committing to seek God’s direction for your life individually and as a couple, and by seeking His assistance in living pure and holy lives.

On this website, we have attempted to state our policies and procedures briefly, yet with enough detail to answer your questions. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you during the planning process so that your wedding day goes smoothly and you will have memories to last a lifetime.

“Marriage is honorable; let us all keep it so...”

— Hebrews 13:4



We offer an array of services to assist you in making your special day run smoothly. From the Wedding Coordinator to the Wedding Assistants, we are dedicated to making your perfect day, just that.


Policies & Fees


  • Chapel — Our most popular choice for a wedding setting, the Chapel can seat up to 315 guests and is the perfect size for most weddings.
  • Worship Center — The Worship Center is reserved for weddings with large guest lists as it provides seating for 3300.
  • Additional Options — Our facility has several options available to you for specialty weddings and receptions. You may choose to have your ceremony and reception in the same room, or in different locations. For a small outdoor wedding, our Oasis Garden is the perfect setting.

For more information on having a beautiful Christian wedding at Houston’s First Baptist Church, please contact our Hospitality Director,

Meet Our Staff

Geniffer Roach

Geniffer Roach

Hospitality Director
Geniffer Roach

Geniffer Roach

Hospitality Director