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Grow Groups


In the struggle of life, men often find themselves isolated or alone. Scripture teaches us that it is never good to be isolated and that when we fall alone, we are in mortal danger. In the Band of Brothers we know that “a man alone is in the Danger Zone.”

We need to find Godly men that we can count on. Men who love us in sincerity and strength. Men who will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. Men who will pray and fight for our freedom. Men who believe in who God is calling us to be.

Men's Grow Groups are just that: Men intentionally gathering to connect, serve, and pursue transformation through Jesus Christ — being committed, gracious, transparent, and accountable with one another.

A Grow Group is a group of 3-6 men who come together regularly in a grace-centered environment to pursue life transformation through a balance of transparent connection, prayer, Bible study, accountability and service. A Grow Group is not a curriculum; rather it is a way of relating to others that is biblical, balanced, and beneficial.

Ask your Life Bible Study Director or Men's Grow Leader in that class to help you get involved with a Men's Grow Group.

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Growing Our Souls

Life Bible Studies and Milestone Classes are our main vehicles for growing our souls closer to God. They provide a place for us to explore the beauty and mystery of God's Word.


There are four non-negotiables that make Grow Groups effective:

  1. GRACE-CENTERED... When we get to spiritual formation for Christians one of the great tools of Satan is Fear, Shame and Guilt. Judgment has already come. Our call is to live out the grace of God with each other--speaking truthfully in love. If our groups become performance driven, then pride will take over and lasting growth diminish. God knows all we have done, said, and thought…yet still we are here today. His grace covers and transforms us.
  2. COMMITTED... For life transformation to occur and the relationships to deepen, the group, LBS, and the church must be honored and valued regularly. Through committing to be present and fully engaged in your group, LBS, and church, you actively prioritize the people involved and establish the context for growth to occur.
  3. CONFIDENTIAL... For authenticity and transparency to grow, members must be able to trust that the issues and topics discussed within the group will not be shared outside of the group. Simply stated, what is said in a Grow Group should stay in the Grow Group with the exception of personal safety issues or the safety of others.
  4. PROGRESSIVELY TRANSPARENT... The atmosphere of a Grow Group is to be authentic and real. Each member must seek to be open and honest about his journey. Knowing that some people struggle in this area, each group should expect for the members to grow more comfortable with transparency as they spend more time together. This progressive transparency is a healthy process that should naturally occur. Without transparency, your group will never achieve the transformational impact upon your life that it could.

Essential Elements

  1. LIFE-ON-LIFE CONNECTION... There is great danger in doing life alone. Grow Groups thrive in challenging people to cultivate deeper relationships. Groups should look for times outside of “group” time to connect and even serve together.
  2. SERVICE... Grow Groups are not to focus solely upon the members. A sign of maturity in our lives is serving others in humility and love. The goal is to multiply groups as they mature over time.
  3. PRAYER... Prayer is the air we breathe as men who follow Christ. It is vital for true transformation to happen. Each group should increase the prayerfulness of each man.
  4. STUDY & SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES... The word of God is one of His chosen tools to chisel and form our character into His likeness. This area can dominate a group very easily and push out prayer, accountability, service, etc. Groups strive to balance all of the Essential Elements in a healthy group.
  5. VISION-CENTRIC ACCOUNTABILITY... Everyone needs accountability...not the guilt-driven variety that leads to legalism and checklist spirituality, but an accountability that is voluntarily entered into and focused on unleashing each person into God’s vision for their life. The result is not being beat down, but being built up. The Bible calls this edification.

Men's Grow Groups

In the struggle of life, men often find themselves isolated or alone. Scripture teaches us that it is never good to be isolated and that when we fall alone, we are in mortal danger. In the Band of Brothers we know that “a man alone is in the Danger Zone.”

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